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How Well Do You Know Your Pelvic Floor?

As significant as one’s pelvic floor is to one’s overall health, many people are not only unaware of what it is and how it functions, they also may not recognize when it isn’t functioning properly. Here is a quick guide to get to know yourself a little better. 

Everything You Need to Know About Cupping

Remember Michael Phelps and those purple circles on his shoulder? Those iconic spots are a result of cupping, an adjunct treatment method of physical therapy. While cupping may seem like a new treatment, the Ancient Greeks actually developed the technique from Chinese medicine.

How to Generate Torque in Boxing

Being able to throw a powerful punch begins with Newton's third law of motion which states,

Morning Stretches: A Chiropractor's Guide

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling “stiff” in your lower back or neck? Well, that’s the result of being immobile for 7+ hours! In order to warm up your body for the day’s adventure, it is important to add full-body stretching techniques to your morning routine.

How Functional Training Uses Equipment with a Progressive Training Purpose

At Neurosport Functional Training, we pride ourselves on our progressive training approach with our clients.

Progressive training means that you gradually increase the challenge over time, either by increasing distance, speed and/or duration.

Relieve Your TMD/TMJ with Physical Therapy and Everyday Exercises

Does your jaw pop or click when chewing gum? Do you have trouble opening your mouth big enough to bite into that double cheeseburger? Do you have pain in your jaw, ear, or face? Who do you visit to get relief? Your primary care physician? Your dentist? You may be surprised that your physical therapist may be able to help. 

Knee Pain: Don't Let It Stop You From Running

It’s the time of year to enjoy being outside, and for many of us that mean going for a nice run.  I love to be jogging through the park or enjoying being active on the Atlanta BeltLine…but not if I’m experiencing knee pain!

How Laser Therapy Can Help You During Physical Therapy

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a modality that we, at Neurosport, have and use frequently with our patients. I field many questions from my patients on the topic of laser therapy. That being said, I would like to answer a few of the questions that come up most regarding this physical therapy modality.

Hot vs. Cold Therapy, Which One Should I Use?

“Do I use heat or do I ice it?”

This is a very popular question that often arises with many patients, athletes, and clients.

I Walked Yesterday, Why Can’t I Walk Today?

Picture this: It’s been a long, dreary, cold-ish winter (Hey, it’s Georgia, after all). The weekend has arrived and it is beautiful, warm and sunny. You throw on last year’s comfortable flip flops and head out for a long, relaxing walk. Everything is great until you wake up the next morning… you step out of bed and feel a sharp, stabbing, achy pain running along the front of your shin from below your knee cap down to your ankle, or maybe even your toes!?